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  • Karen McBride

    It is Karen’s goal to help humanity create and maintain

    a balanced life. She believes her soul’s purpose is to

    assist others to find their authentic self, self

    empowerment and self love. We need to love our

    “selves” first before we can truly love another.

    Referenced from Linda Howe  The word Akashic is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space or aether, it is a term used in theosophy to describe a collection of mystical knowledge recorded in a non-physical plane of existence. Why would someone want or need an Akashic Record reading?  Since the Akashic Records are all the recordings of our soulís journeys one could attain great knowledge to bring clarity to current life challenges and karma. One could discover their life purpose and get answers straight from the Lords of the Records to find the deeper truth for their existence in this lifetime and access past life choices to bring a greater understanding of the learnings we chose for this life time. During your reading one can ask any What, Why or Where questions. A good example of a question would be What role does this person(name them) have in my life? Or What purpose does this person(name them) have in my life?
    Readings are $75.00 for 30 minutes or $150.00 for 60 minutes Home Consultations are also available for a minimum of 6 people. Cancellations require 24 hours notice Call now to book an appointment (416) 567-7867
    Akashic Records
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